New immigrants learn Swedish with the help of classic Swedish movies from Filmtegration.

Positive Impact Beyond Business

Bonnier Social Impact provides funding for initiatives within Bonnier that serve a social purpose.

Often, projects within Bonnier have a social responsibility aspect beyond the business value for the company. Established in 2016, the Bonnier Social Impact fund aims to fill the breach for projects that fill an important purpose but otherwise might never see the light of day.

“The idea with the fund is to support initiatives that are both positive for our businesses as well as for society, but that might not meet strict market requirements,” says Tomas Franzén, CEO for Bonnier AB.

Financed by Bonnier AB and the Bonnier Family Foundation, the Bonnier Social Impact fund has provided financial support so far for three projects: Filmtegration, with C More; Clio Prep Course for New Immigrants, with Clio Online Sweden; and Bonnier Hoops, with Bonnierförlagen.



Watch a video on C More’s Filmtegration: Swedish film classics help new immigrants learn Swedish language and culture.

Watch a video on online learning portal Clio Prep Course, for teachers and newly arrived students preparing to enter the Swedish school system.

Watch a video on Bonnier Hoops, which uses basketball to encourage kids to read in underprivileged suburbs of Sweden (in Swedish).